It’s time to fill the boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  We have boxes here at the church for you to use, they are on a table in the Narthex and the hallway north of the sanctuary, above the coat rack.  New changes to note for this year: do NOT include any kind of candy or toothpaste in the boxes.  You can have the toothbrushes in the box, just no toothpaste, this is due to some country’s regulations now.  Also the amount to include in the boxes to help cover the cost of shipping, etc.  has raised from $7 to $9 a box.  The filled boxes need to be returned to the church by Sunday, Nov. 19th.  Let’s fill those boxes up with love for some very needy children! 

Here is an example of boxes filled up for Operation Christmas Child.  You can fit a lot of love in one box: