During the week of July 28 through August 1, 2013, First Baptist Church of Newton held Reach Out, a local mission outreach program.  We selected a few places around our area that needed some work done on houses, etc. and formed crews of volunteers of various skills to complete these tasks.  We began Sunday morning July 28th with and breakfast and an early prayer/devotion service, then departed to our designated work areas.  We worked till noon then returned to the church for a lunch provided by the lunch crew ladies of FBC.  We then returned to the work areas and many of the projects were completed by mid-afternoon since we had such a great turnout of workers of over 100 people!  We continued working the following days on the other projects that needed completed.  Some of the work that was done: painting an entire house; yard work (trimming many bushes; clearing weeds, etc.); painting steps; fixing/painting fences; replacing a deck/porch, painting trim on another house; replacing an area of concrete in a driveway; installing drywall in a house; cleaning a house; and held a Vacation Bible School for a day at an apartment complex here in town.  It was very rewarding work and got many remarks from people around town about seeing groups of us working in our bright yellow “Reach Out” shirts.


Reach Out Week video2 from fbcjasper on Vimeo.